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A second of faith...
« on: July 26, 2012, 11:32:32 PM »
Articol Forsaken - Constanta - 2007

A second of faith...

       Why are we afraid? ... because we might fall and get injured? ... NO, or maybe because the others will make fun of us? ... NO is not that either. We think these are the reasons we are afraid but their 're not the reasons we are afraid. The truth is that when we fear something we are completley out of control. We are afraid that something might not come up as we want it to come up . In truth we are afraid of ourselfs. It is so easy to give up in front of an obstacle that looks imposible to overcome. Is it that hard to have faith in you?... Is it that hard to fight your fears? is if you ask me. But what if we were to stop being afraid for one second, only one second of faith in ourselfs...what would happen then? A second might change everything because it is more than enough for us to make a choice and take that leap in front of us. If we were to belive in ourselfs for one second then that second would make us godlike , allpowerfull,  that second would set us free.

     We live in a world full of borders, boundries, limits...things made to contain us and make us slaves. The little freedom that we have will soon disapere because we all see that every day a new rule comes up ,  a new law , a new order that transforms us in in mind prisoners. Every day our power of choice decreases thus we are being put under society's control. Every law every stop sign that is put in front of you, gets you closer and closer to a reality that is not yours to control. This is where our second of faith comes up. It doesn't matter for how long you thought what to do next it only takes your mind a glimps of faith in yourself to make things your own way , to have control over your actions, to chose to jump and "fly" away twards freedom.

  So keep this in mind. Freedom is about being able to make a choice. When you are afraid that means you are under the control of your fears thus you are not able to make a choice anymore. Face your fears and for one second forget about it and say: " I can do it , I will do it " that is enough for you to get free...After that nothing matters anymore because from now on you are free. You belived in you and took the leap...if you did it once you can do it again and again...until your free mind will also free your body thus makeing a complete circle of freedom.
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